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  • Can someone show me an example of a good economically sound socialist run country please?
    In what way is the USA economically sound? People all live in credit there while boasting on about how they're the greatest but can't even get a job unless they have a record of their debt so they have a credit rating. If the USA is so great, why do most Europeans look stylish and sophisticated and healthy, but many USA people are all fat from poor diet and look like they get their clothes from discount shops? I'm not saying the USA should be socialist though, as it would be stupid if every country in the world was run the same. There wouldn't be any choice in the world. If people want to go to a place that has big differences in rich and poor, educated and uneducated then the USA is a good place to go to take advantage of that system. I would rather live somewhere in Europe, but it's good to have the choice. People need the choice to go to a country where they don't have to pay their tax to help others with their education and the USA has so many cultures that don't want to help each other. Socialism was a word made up my Marx who was a pen pusher and all he did was see what was already going on in the industrial revolution when Engels took him to Britain, where workers were trapped into poverty by the corporations and they wanted more fair working conditions and a right to an education etc. The things that make the west a good place to live and work now. They didn't want the science fiction ideas of marx about the workers overthrowing the owners. That's why real socialism isn't anything like Marx wrote about. Real socialism just involves workers having Health and Safety laws, children having an education and sometimes a health system. There's also a thing called a tribal culture that existed naturally before academics started labelling everything. When people lived in tribes they helped each other out which is what could be labelled left wing but they also had a common culture and fought to protect their language and culture from others and some people could call that right wing. I think labels are stupid though, as people called Hitler right wing, but fascism is almost like communism, except things are state controlled instead of state owned. The USA is more Marxist than many socialist countries, as it sends out the message of being culturally liberal though its media to the rest of the world. I wish people in the USA were clever enough to realise that some things are individual to fit the time and place and not everything fits into a category. Conservatives are sometimes called right wing, but they world sell the soul of the nation if it made the few at the top a quick buck, then they blame all the other types of politics for the mess a nation is in by their make a quick buck schemes. They couldn't care about the average person, although in the USA there are so many different cultures that the only real system that would work is Conservatives.

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