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  • Health savings accounts ? Any discount brokers accept small accounts ?
    i don't understand when people think their HSA money should be in an "investment" fund. It's not an "investment" - it's money that is for medical treatment. I hope you don't have to take it out for a long, long, time either but the statistics show that at some point you will have medical bills = whether lasik surgery, a crown on your teeth, physical therapy for tendinitis, etc. My suggestion put it in one of the free savings account type options. If you want to "invest" money - don't use your medical treatment fund. if you want a retirement investment account go with an Traditional IRA, ROTH IRA, or a program your company sponsors. = for the IRAs you can go with American Funds which offers low fees. If you want true investment money that you can take out when you want to buy a house or have access to open a business from in a few years = don't put it in a fund that is earmarked for something else = retirement or medical treatment.

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