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  • How can i get started on planning a wedding/vacation in maui?
    My husband (fiance at the time) went to Maui in December of 2006. To look at potential wedding area's. We visited Lahiana. We stayed in Ka'anapali, where all the hotels are. We stayed at the Outrigger Maui Eldorado, which is a cute nice resort. Next door to the right was the Royal Lahaina Resort, where we went for our luau and interviewed our now, wedding planner (we got married in Vegas at last moment notice in feb before he left for Iraq, however, we are still doing a renewl vow for 1 year anniv there in feb of 08). Here is her website. her name is Theresa Tuipelehake. Her email is and phone is: (808)661-5583 I started to send monthly payments so by the end of this year, I don't owe a thing. She doesn't mind how it is paid but it needs to be paid in full by the day of the wedding. so I sent $100 here, $200 there, $50 here and there. So, it is great on that! So far, she is great. Pretty much I got the luxury package, but I am able to make it "my own". Whatever I don't want, I don't have to have it and I can change things around easily. All I have to do is tell her and she makes it happen. (ex: I don't want a solo guitarist, but a harpist which comes in other packages. I also bringin my own topper and will place it on too and have wedding cake at the luau) I only focus on other activities my family and my husband/I will be doing and leave the stress up to her. It is wonderful. She also will set up our luau for us too following after our sunset wedding/pictures. We are going to wait til about october (also when my husband gets home). to get our tickets for flight/hotel. They are staying at the two bedroom suite at the Eldorado, which is close to $300, but splitting that with 4 adults won't be bad at all and my husband and I are thinking, not sure, staying at the hyatt (which is expensive, since Feb is their peak. Room we want is $800 a night, which we visited 3/4 of all hotels to get rates!) I think I got still some fliers and I can email you information from what I found if you want to. (Just message me). You can contact AAA insurance or pleasant holidays and also get the booklet that shows all hotels on each Island, accomindations and talk to travel agency to see what they can work up for you. Have an estimated list of what you expect. Example: Guest list? How many would be attending. Possible group discounts. Ages of those on guest list. How much you and your husband willing to spent. Maui is not a cheap island. I would strongly recommend to have spending money put up. We went with pleasant holidays (and extra books if you have Pobox I can send you some info). We got $50 free money in hilo haiti money (it is a store and got some gifts for family with that). I recommend the Hard Rock Cafe and Bubba Gumps in down town Lahiana. Great food. I recommend to take the whale watching and snorkling, which takes you out to the crater. Whale watching is in high seaon right now, normally from December to Mid march/april. The last tour before us bragged about swimming with the turtles. They take you out in a nice boat, feed you with free beer or soda/tea/water. Last about 2 hours. Fly out dates estimated. (we left on a wed and came home on a monday on United Airways. Recommended, not just from myself but other people giving me advice, don't fly hawiann if you don't want a lot of families and kids, which majority fly hawiann). United (flew out of LAX) plays a game that we write the time, in hawaiian standard form, of what the time will be mid way and get a gift certificate if win). Kinda fun. I do recommend you buy your dress, get it fitted and then a month before you go, fit it again. Then try to maintaine what you eat and all that. As far as traveling with wedding dress (as I am going to do the same thing here soon). Contact the airline as each airline has certain ways they do things and things allowed. I know united is pretty good about allowing it to come on board (with prior notice) and can be hanged up in the back. I strongly recommend a wedding coordinator as she/he can set up our license date as well. Bring birth certificate, ID and SSN. No blood test is required and bring money. I think the cost was like $55. It is easy to look up as I could be off by a few dollars. Let's see, I wrote alot. But if you need more information, even if you didn't pick me for best answer, as that I don't respond for just to get. you can still email me and all that. I emailed her tonight as my husband and I talked while he got to call home and would like to have our vows said in hawaiian as gives more of the hawaiian home feeling. so, it is good to start now on certain things (don't over load yourself. be patient and don't try to do everything at once!) and so you have time to do it all. Once it comes, we had a year and half to do all of it, which gave us a lot of change here and there, plan more, find things and know exactly what we wanted.

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